Online BIDDING Game Website

Online BIDDING Game Website
Online BIDDING Game Website

LetsBID – Live Betting CMS makes it easy to run a 100% perfect sports betting website on fully automated Responsive software. our sports platform provides players with a truly unique sport betting experience, anytime and anywhere. With our platform, players can play and bet on sports events and trace their financial and betting history using a single login. Our platform also provides you with all the management tools you need to interact and manage your players throughout the players lifecycles.

Betting Game’s Details:

7 Trade: Its an Ball base betting game, there are 1 to 9 ball’s. user can bet amount on those ball’s. admin can mark winner & losser list from admin panel and control this game as he want.

Head & Tail: Well Known Coin Game, bidder can bid any amount on head or tail. if win user will get double amount, if losser than amount will be deducated. we set 60% losser and 40% winning ration on script. if you wana change or edit pls contact us. we will change / show you guideline.

BID Game: Its mainly live game. you can Run Live Cricket, Soccer, Hockey & Other’s Betting here with Ratio you need. Winner & Losser Amount Percentage Depend’s on those Ratio.

FrontEnd (Visitor) Feature’s:

1# Responsive Design. 
2# One Click Registration. 
3# Edit / Update Profile 
4# Edit / Update Profile Photo. 
5# Easy To play Game. 
6# Easy Add Balance System.
7# Easy To Withdraw.
8# A to Z History Included.
9# ID to ID Balance Transfer.
10# Affiliation System.
11# Automatic Payment Method PayPal.

BackEnd (Admin) Feature’s:

1# Dynamic Control Panel. 
2# Advance Dashboard. 
3# Add / Edit Site Title. 
4# Add / Edit Payment Method ( Paypal Email ). 
5# Add / Edit / Delete 7 Trade Ball Bet Game Schedule. 
6# Declar 7 Trade Ball Bet Game Winner. 
7# Manage 7 Trade Ball Bet Game Losser. 
8# 7 Trade Ball Bet Winner & Losser List. 
9# Full Control Of Head & Tail Game. 
10# Head & Tail Game Winner List. 
11# Live Cricket, Soccer, Hockey & Other’s Bet Creation 
12# Manage Game Profit Ratio. 
13# Fully Finance Management. 

Hidden Feature:

1# If Someone Bet any game Affilate’s get 10% Commision Instant.
2# Easy To Refer User system ( Check Affilate Option ). 
3# 1 Coin = 1 Usd. 
4# ID to ID Balance Transfer FREE. 

Demo Access:

Demo URL:
Demo Admin: Demo URL:
Admin ID: controller
Admin’Pass: admin007


Support Fecility:

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated

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